Monday, February 10, 2014


So this is my launch. Im not exactly sure where Im launching to, or how long I will be going, but this is me launching. For this project I wanted to use the same method we have been using all year, a blog, but this time around the blog will be all about my interest and passion for cooking and becoming a chef. I have created a blog, and once I work out all the kinks and have it set up to my liking (should be done sometime this week) I will begin to post various things about my passion. I want it to serve as almost a journal for me. I want to teach, but at the same time I want to learn from others. I want it to be a two way street. My main goal for this blog is to get the readers to be able to post just as much as I do on the blog. It can also begin to serve as a learning network for other people like me, we can all learn off eachother, forming new ideas and thoughts based off of one another. I want their to be tabs for kitchen vocabulary terms and their meanings, conversions, recipes, in season produce, etc. Hopefully this blog can become a site that keeps readers coming back.

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  1. Looking forward (hungrily) to this! Cooking is one of the most media-friendly endeavors; think about how you can complement your journal with pictures, videos (of you and others), interviews with chefs, etc.