Thursday, September 12, 2013


Topics and Events

1. The main topic of my book seems to be about the life of Charles Manson. It starts all the way with background of his mom and how her life was troubled and ends at the death sentences of Charles Manson and his posse. At first this question didn't make sense to me because I felt dumb if I simply answered "the book is about Charles Manson.", but after reading the book I think that the book is most likely about how your upbringing shapes the future of you life.

 To me the book is about how one's childhood is the base structure for the rest of their life, it  strongly affects  who you become.

2. I think that the author mainly wrote the book because Charlie Manson's life is truly interesting. He wasnt your everyday guy, he hung around the hottest LA clubs and would hang around celebrities. He was pursuing a music career and never was noticed. There are so many things you learn from reading this book that totally make you realize how psycho he was.

3. I found this book on my phone while looking at the bestsellers page. It automatically appealed to me because I have heard and watched many things about serial killers but they never really explained anything on their life. Once i got to page 38 and realized that I was reading the prologue and that i was barely beginning chapter one i knew i would be hooked because even the prologue was so well written.

4. I found the book very realistic. It was very informative and was based on all true events. But I didnt find anything relatable, which im glad to say because i think I wouldve been a bit creeped out if their were similarities between him and I. .


1. I feel like the author was pretty fair on his characterization in the book. I don't think that he shifted the personalities too much. Everyone seemed like they had their advantages and disadvantages 

2. Charlie Manson- The book always made him sound so creepy  looking, they described him as scruffy and someone that people were never drawn to when he would go clubbing. He had long wavy hair and his eyes always seemed so creepy and dark.

3. He is so interesting because he really did strive to be succesful in his career but it all began to go downhill and he went crazy.


1. I think the author use both styles. In the book he would describe things that would make your mind jump to conclusions about future events and eventually they'd be explained. At the same time he would almost give details and things that made me feel like i was reading a newspaper article.

2. The author definitely used lengthy descriptions. He never really used dialogue. I think the descriptions were more helpful because they put a picture in my head and i was able to understand what was happening. If he had written with dialogue I think that I would have to question where he would be getting all of   his sources and how he knows about the conversations.

3. The author used a lot imagery and he made the tone very neutral, he didn't really take sides on any of the topics but I would consider the tone mostly informative.  

4. I think the author's attitude was that he disliked Charlie Manson as a person but his life story was interesting enough for him to write a book about. It was hard to see how he felt about Charlie but you could end up telling that the author felt that Charlie Manson was crazy. His tone towards me was very informative. Everything that was written was with detail and you were easily able to understand everything that was happening.

5. He used a lot of newspaper resources and he would also use a lot of comments and information from interviews that would take place.

I think the memory that I will keep in mind for the rest of my life is that your childhood creates the person you become now.

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