Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vocab #4

 accede- assent or agree to a demand, treaty or request.
 The childe had to acede woth his parents in order to stay out of trouble.

 brandish- to wave or flourish something(weapon) as a threat
 The man brandished the knife while robbing the bank

 comprise- consists of, made of
 Clotges are mostly compromised of cotton.

deft- skillfull and quick in ones movements
 The man had been moving deftly while doing his karate

 destitute- without the basic necessities of life 
 The land was unbareable and destitute.

 explicit- stated clearly and detailed.          Leaving no room for confusion or doubt
 The speaker was explicit and was able to get everyone to agree with his point of view.

extirpate- root out and destroy completly.
The school is tryinf to extirpate cell phone usage in class

 inopportune- occuring at an innaproriate time
The college fair was at the most inoppurtune time.

 ironic- used or characterized by irony
 musty- having a stale, moldy or damp smell
The clothes began to smell musty

 ominous- giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen 
The writer used ominous weather to foreshadow events

 pinnacle- a high pointed piece of rock

 premeditated- think out or plan beforehand
The murder was premeditated.

 rampant- flourishing and spreading
The disease began to eun rampid amongst the town

 solace- comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness
It was a solace when superman  
 supple- bending and moving easily and gracefully 
The gymanst were supple in their movements

 suppress- prevent the developement,   or action of restraint
The man was suppressed into handcuffs

 venal- showing or motivated by susceptibilty or bribery
Their generosity was venal.

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