Thursday, October 24, 2013

Literary analysis 3:

Topics and Events
1.) The book is about a high school class that overcomes the cards they are dealt. They all live in a rough city and each have had to deal with an unusual amount of tradgedy. Almost every student in the class is involved in some type of gangs. The class is far from peaceful due to all of the opposing gangs, races and cliques. Most teachers within the school have lost hope in all students but Mrs.Gruwell, a new teacher, has decide she is going to do whatever it takes to help the students. If I had to boil all this down to one statement I think I would say that the book is about overcoming obstacles and statusquos in life. 

2. The book wasn't really written by an author. It's a collection of the journals that had been written by the students. It was published because it's truly an amazing story. The teacher was very passionate at getting the best for her students and when she realized how touching their story was and knew that publishing the books would give each student a sufficient amount if money to live on.

3. I chose this book because I saw the movie a few years ago and loved the story behind it. I didn't realize it was a true story until i actually saw the book and read the foreward. Usually I start books but right about page 12 I stop reading, but for me this book was way different. I think the fact that it was people my age, in a completely different world, that kept me reading and interested.

4. Yes, I found the book very realistic. At the same time I didn't once compare the characters situation to my life. I would never say it was relateable. The things they went through were tradgic. Reading about the things they went through disturbed me. I grew up in a town where you smile at strangers, the. Pthey grew up in a town where strangers could jump you at anytime. They lived in the ghetto. Some even saw family and friends being murdered or beaten. I can in no way, shape or form relate to what these teens went through.

1. Usually I would agree with the fact that the author always tends to fabricate characters but in this case I'm going to have to disagree. The book uses actual entries from the characters journals. It gives us a sense of the person as an individual and their thoughts. Instead of the author having to give us their view on someone we directly get to see their opinions and feelings.

2. Mrs.Gruwell is a young woman with brown hair and light skin. She was like a mother to each of her students. She did whatever was necessary to see eachone of  them overcome theirs struggles. She also never gave up. Even when the principal had given up on the students she never backed down.
    Eva was a student. She was a dark haired Latina and was short. She was very resistant toward Mrs.G but she also had the hardest life. Once she opened up she never left Mrs.G and was ble to trust her with everything and anything.

3. These two people were probably the biggest characters within the book, they probably both had the biggest part in the story. Each of their life stories are crazy and almost completely opposite any the same time.

4. Being that most of the book is journal entries it's almost all direct characterization. An example of indirect characterization is when they talk about reading Anne Frank and we learn how they all really do want the best for themselves 

5. Not really. The author loved all her students so much that you could tell she didn't change tone. She kept it pretty steady throught the entire story. She did seem to have a more sympathetic tone when talking about Eva though.

6. I do feel like I met the characters. The book did such a good job at giving me a glimpse into each persons life and even gave me a look into each persons personality. The journals were so effective at getting great characterizayion.

1. It was definitely a journalistic style. Rather than using a lot of tools they used hard evidence (journal entries) 

2. The story had a lot of describing. It described so many events that the students went through. I think that the book did a great job at creating mental pictures.

3. The author attitude was defiantly positive to the characters and the readers. She has a very empowering tone to her writing. Not only was the book made to praise the student for overcoming their struggles, it also lets the reader know that they can overcome their own stuggles.

***Bonus Question
The people learn that their surroundings don't limit  them. They were able to make the best of their lives when they were almost guranteed a life of gangs and violence. They did it by working together rather than pulling each other down. They all graduated and most even went on to college and be successful in life.

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