Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Be or Not To Be

Life or death?
Should we suffer the tragedies of our our lives?
Or end them all now and take our own lives?
Ending our own lives: death, suicide.
Ending our paint and heartache.
What will happen after death?
What do we dream after death?
We have left the evil in the world
We need a pause.
Who would live through this painful life?
The insulting words of others,
The hurt of broken love, injustice
Crooked governments,
Why wait through this torturous Life when I can end it now
End it now with a knife?
Why would anyone want to live through this life.

I think that i would most likely go against the current in order to change myself or the world. I don't think suicide would ever be a choice of mine. I wouldn't ever be able to just give up. I tend to take everything as a challenge and want to do the best at whatever i can. Committing suicicde is giving up and i hate giving up.

I would choose to live. I wouldn't give up and i would fight until the end.

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