Monday, August 19, 2013


Finding a good book can be hard. Using sources to choose a book can make it way easier. Here are 5 sources to find a good nonfiction book:

1. The Library- Obviously this is the easiest way to find many nonfiction books. There is tons of options and the best part is that its free to access.

2. Friends & Family- Find a friend that likes to read and ask them what books are good to read and what are some good options.

3. The New York Bestsellers List- This is an easy way to find books that are trending now and will give you ideas for current popular books.

4. Smartphones- Phones now come with so many apps and many apps for readers. iBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc. all are made for your phone and they have top charts, featured books and many options to choose from. Plus you can read reviews from people all over the world.

5. Google- I love google. I use it for everything. Just type in "interesting nonfiction books" and within seconds you will have a huge selection.

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