Monday, August 19, 2013


So its the end of week one and we have been assigned to post a blog answering these three questions:
1. Are there any factors that you think are going to affect your participation or experience in this class? Access to a computer?  Mobile/smart phone?  Transportation?  Friends/family? Schedule?

In all honesty yes, I work about 4 or 5 days a week, but my school schedule allows me to be home at 11:20 so it shouldn't be a problem. Other than that I think it wont be too hard for me to get through the class. 

2.Think of an awesome best ever learning experience that changed you. What did you learn? Where were you? What happened? Who else was there? Did it teach you anything about how you learn (or pay attention... or remember, or think?) How did you know what was happening? 

I think one of the best learning experiences was at my school with my art teacher I had last year. I learned so much about art but throughout the entire year I never once felt like I wasn't having fun. She made it fun for us to learn and was a very good teacher. She made me realize that learning doesn't have to be boring. Most teachers don't treat their students too well, which results in the students resenting the fact of being inside a classroom for an hour listening to a teacher that you don't like ramble. If students have fun they will engage but when teachers are rude it does the exact opposite. The classroom doesn't have to be boring.

3. What are you most [excited/concerned] about in this class? What do you look forward to in learning?  How do you think it can/will make a practical difference in your life?

The most exciting thing about the class is being introduced to something different. School has become so repetitive. You go to a class where most teachers stand in the front of the room and talk to you, not with you. This class is different. Within the first week the entire class was sitting in a circle having an open discussion about an article, "The Right to Your Own Opinion"  (which most of us failed to read ,oops!) Its exciting to learn in a new way. I cant wait to use this approach.

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