Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pros and Cons: Obesity

       So after reading "The Blame Game And Obesity In America" (which you can read for yourself here) I think that there will be many opposing views on the subject of the article. The main idea of the article seems to be revolved around one certain question: Who's to blame? After researching and reading many articles its fair to say everyone has someone to blame, whether it personal responsibility or processed food companies, everyone wants some one to blame. Obesity is one of the hottest debates in America right now. But is it really an "American" problem or a personal problem?
       I found to really great articles that both feel as though everyone needs to take accountability for their own eating habits and lifestyle. In one of these articles Steven Bryan was diagnosed with obesity and said, "I'm fat, and It's my fault." it's a very blunt statement but its partly true. No one forces us to eat junk food. Lets be honest, if we were sat down and allowed to choose between fried chicken and a salad i think most of us would choose the chicken. We don't think of the repercussions of eating unhealthy until its too late. Many people say obesity can be prevented by just eating healthy and getting that active lifestyle, but others say that american food corporations are sabotaging all of the hard-work american are putting in to a healthy lifestyle.
       One of the most common beliefs is that processed food is just too easy to get. Think about it, fast food restaurants are on almost every street. In stores theirs all the snacks claiming to be healthy, but once you read the nutrition label and its loaded with all these additives you can barely read let alone say. Which lead some people to think that these additives may even be addictive. In an article they claim that all these foods are causing you to lose your freedom of choice because your becoming addicted. It makes sense, companies will do anything to sell so why not sneak in some additives that'll keep you coming back for more? And in another article they tackle the subject of food becoming more scientific. A bunch of our food is loaded with all these additives to keep it fresh or make it taste better but its making it very unhealthy.
      What's my opinion? Well I do think that everyone needs to take accountability for their own actions. But is it truly their fault when food really is becoming more and more addictive? Its a complicated situation. At the end of the day I think that we all need to cut back on junk food and spend a little more time being active. Its a lot harder than the lazy and unhealthy lifestyle but it will definitely pay off.

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