Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is PHAT!

Finding an article about the obesity problem here in America couldn't be any easier. Just google "obesity in America" and hundreds of articles come up within seconds. The article I chose is, "America's Titanic Obesity Problem". This article is basically comparing obesity in America to the Titanic. Simply put, the article says we are on a sinking ship and that eventually we will all end up in the water ( the water being obesity of course). I totally agree with some point of this article but at the same time I dont think its fair to say we will all end up obese. Some people are healthy and do watch their health. It just seems as though obesity  has become a word that is used too loosely. I also feel as though people make this an "American" problem, but its not truly anyone's problem but the individuals. Sure American companies produce horrible food but at the end of the day we all support their business by eating and buying their food. They dont make me eat it, but i eat it because i have no self control and eat whatever i want, but how is that truly Americas problem?

P.S. As I was writing this article I ate a bag of chips and soda.

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