Tuesday, January 28, 2014


    I think that there is many similarities between life during and kife after highschool. But at the same time it is a whole different spectrum when you really think about it. In highschool we are constantly working for the goal of going off to college or a better education while after highschool you try to find the better job and earn a new promtion. We are also surrounded by people in school that we may or may not get along with but we need to learn to cope with them in order to stay out of trouble. In jobs after highschool you will need to do the same thing as well. Highschool seems to be like a testing ground for real life after school. We are put into situations that happen in post school life but in highschool we have the chance to make mistakes with less reprocussions then we would if we had to deal with it in real life. 

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