Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Choice

     In life we are encountered with choices on a daily bases. Whether it be a little choice or a life impacting choice, we make decisions everyday. 
     One of the hardest decisions I have been involved with was deciding to put down my dog. She was a dog that I had had as long as I could remember. She was only 6 when we found out that she had very bad arthritis. Some of her joints would get so bad that she would have to walk on only her two front paws. The hard part was that she didn't seem like she was in pain, but we knew she was. When she got worse we knew that we were going to have to make some sort of decision. 
    Either we would have to keep buying her medicine and hope that it would contiue tobease the pain, or we would have to have her put down. It was hard on our whole family. We treat are dogs like they are  our family. When we were asked the decision I think we all kinda knew what was best but no one wanted to say it. If we continued to give her the medicine it would only help the pain, not get rid of it. We all knew that she was in pain and that she was constantly uncomfortable. We all decided that we would have her put down. Even though we all wanted to keep her alive as long as we could we knew that that wasnt fairnto her.
      Making choices like that never gets easier.  It makes you think. You have to put careful consideration into all the different aspects and possible outcomes. At the end of the day avoiding hard decisions is inevitable. Life is about making decisions. It is part of growing up and helps build maturity. Choices will always come up.

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