Thursday, January 16, 2014

Profile in Courage

    The movie we watched in class today caught my attention roght when it started. The movie opens with a guy struggling to get ready because his legs are paralyzed. It then shows the same guy working on his wheelchair. Its puts in to perspective that other people have struggles that we cant even begin to imagine. After that scene it cuts to a scene of other men that have the same issue as he does. Then they show all the men at a gym playing wheelchair rugby. We learn that the star player of the USA team was getting older so he didn't make the team. He was angry that he didnt make the team so he picked up and moved to Canada to coach their team. The two teams finally come face to face when they play eachother. Canada won and USA had lost for the first time in years.
    The beginning of the movie has a lot of meaning to it. Firstly I think that it is amazing that these people all have been somehow been paralyzed and theystill don't let  that stop them from anything. Not only do they accomplish all these things they also practice to become the best that they can. It also shows us the other side. The former USA player, Canada's coach, shows us how hard rejection is. In any athletes life at somepoint they become too old to play. When this happened to him he took it as though it was his handicap that was the reason. It shows how its always gonna affect them

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