Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Choice

1. What is the "choice" referred to in the title?
The choice that is being referred to in the title is the choice that five year old Rebecca must make. Whether to take her "poison" or not. 

2. Is it a real choice?  Why/why not?  What is the alternative?
Thats a hard question. It is a choice. Its not really her choice. Her parents are the ones making the medical decisons. Rebeccas choice is whether she takes it herself, or has its shoved down her throat.

3. Why does the author use the word poison in the first line?
To get his point across. The word poison makes more of a point than medicine. Medicine seems like a cure. This isnt. This kills cells. Good and bad cells. It is poison. 

4. The author's daughter wants to play with a toy that is intended for older kids.  Why?  Do you agree with her?  
She wants to play with these toys because she feels that she wont live to be an older kid. Yes and no. I know that if I was in her position I would be thinking the same thing, but if I was her parents Im not sure I would want her to play with these toys because then thats almost like validating her idea.

5. If you thought you might not live to the age of 30 what would you want to do right now?
I would want to travel. Live life to the fullest woth no regrets and no fears. We take things for granted unless we are reminded not to, or have a reason not to. We should live life to the fullest everyday rather  than only when reminded by a person ir story.

6. Under what circumstances does it make sense to endure discomfort--or even force it on a loved one-- in service to a greater/more important cause?
For me itd be a very circumstancial decision. I honestly wouldnt be able to decide unless I was actually put in a position. The only time i think it is ok is is it is 100% the right decision ans the choice that would lead to better health or stability

7. Is suffering a necessary condition of life and love?
Yes. To me I think we all need to suffer at one point in our lives in order to put things into perspective. I know that I take things for granted. Yet for some reason it never sets into my mond. But I think that once you go through something like that you have better views on the value of life. 

8. Most readers don't share the author's circumstances, but we feel an emotional response to his words.  Why?
I dont want to say its relateable because I feel like thats the wrong usage. We all know a five year old. We all know how most five year olds are care free. So to here about the things this chd worries about and has to endure is devastating.

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